For an incredibly interesting and refreshing performace of Srdjan Vukasinovic can be said that it has strenghtened him among the leading performers on accordion in the world today. His fresh and innovative approach to music provided him an excellent reputation as a great concert master, who can always satisfy the needs of different kinds of audience. He is always bringing new ideas and methods in his performace, based on improvisation and mixing of different musical genres with a lots of influence of jazz and world music sound. On the other hand, he is an established performer of classical and contemporary classical music. This is evidenced by numerous cooperations with a lots of contemporary composers of classical music.

accordionist srdjan vukasinovic



On the other hand, he is an established performer of classical and contemporary classical music. Starting from his early years when he was singled out in one of the most important competitions for accordionists, he took the first prize in the World-Trophy competition for accordion in Spain in 1999. From then on Srdjan has participated in many successful performances, appearing as a soloist and as part of various ensembles, such as Arte Diversa, Chaarts Chamber Artists, Klassik Nuevo Orchestra, Zürcher Kammerorchester and many more. In recent years we have seen Srdjan successfully performing with leading musicians worldwide, such as the legendary violinist Gilles Apap, pianist Fazil Say, and flamenco and jazz bassist Carles Benavent. He has formed an exciting and unusual duo with Taylan Arikan on baglama (anatolian lute) called Meduoteran, which
specialises in World Music.
Upcoming performances include his performance in various festivals in Switzerland and abroad, such as Klassik Nuevo Festival, Lucerne Festival, Gstaad Menuhin Festival, Cully Jazz Festival, along with SoNoRo Festival Romania, Kronberg Academy Festival Germany, I Suoni delle Dolomiti Italy, Akkordeonfestival Wien Austria, and Witten Days for New Chamber Music Germany. You can see performances on our page concerts. Srdjan’s explosive energy and his original approach to classical music, alongside the breadth of jazz influences and improvisation skills make him stand out as one of the top players in the world. His virtuosity, power and charm has captivated audiences around the world and justifies the win of ‘best accordionist in the world’, a title he won in his youth. Srdjan is an alumnus of Zuricher Hochschule der Kunste, Switzerland from 2001, where he got his master degrees in Music Pedagogy and Concert Performance in 2005. Since then he has also been teaching Balkanmusic at the Zuricher Hochschule der Kunste Music Department.

Srdjan has invented the first quarter tone accordion in the world. With this multituning accordion it is possible to play 24 tones in one octave. Also, there is a possibility to combine many different tunings at the same time (for baroque, modern, oriental music etc.). One more of Srdjan’s innovations is his new accordion brand ’’Carboneon.“ This innovative instrument is the first one made from carbon fiber, which renders Carboneon the lightest accordion in the world.

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